Pleasurable Things To Do In Dharamshala

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Pleasurable Things To Do In Dharamshala That Will Make You Love The Town!

Gourav J

Surrounded by mountains and blessed with natural scenic beauty, Dharamshala is the best place to spend your winter or summer holidays. If you are looking for a perfect place to find out what all you can do in this beautiful town, you’re at the right place. You can do a lot of activities here and can relish the beauty of this beautiful town and get to know its culture. Dharamshala is known worldwide for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. With the help of our website, you can explore a lot of things to do in Dharamshala this beautiful place to enjoy your stay. Let’s explore some of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit in Dharamshala that will get you coming back to this place for more!

  • Church of St. john
  • Bhagsunag waterfall
  • Norbulingka institute
  • Aghanjar Mahadev temple
  • Gyuto monastery
  • HPCA Stadium
  • Triund trek
  • Dal lake
  • Tea gardens 
  • The Dharamshala skyway
  • War memorial

1. Church of St. John:

With the woods surrounding it and a graveyard at its back, the Church of St. John is a sight to behold. It takes you back in the time with its unique architecture. The church was built in 1852 in memory of St.john the baptist. The church is surrounded by deodar trees which adds to its beauty.

The church was damaged due to the 1905 earthquake which killed close to 19,800 people. It is best known for its neo-gothic architecture and its Belgian stained glass windows which were donated to the church by lady Elgin who was the wife of Lord Elgin. Lord Elgin’s grave can be seen at the rear end of the church. The church can be easily spotted on the way to Mcleodganj.

The church attracts a lot of tourists all around the year and especially on Sundays and festivals like Christmas and new year. The outside of the church might look mundane and creepy but the inside is well maintained with a polished wood altar and electrical lamps. The area is guarded by guards who ensure no damage is brought to the property. 

Address: the road to Naddi village from Mcleodganj, Dharamshala.

2. Bhagsunag Waterfall:

If you’re a water baby, then this is the best place for you! Located in Bhagsunag and surrounded by mountains, this waterfall is a beauty in itself. With Tibetan flags around the area, the atmosphere of the place is calm and soothing. It refreshes up your body and soul and the quietness of nature provides you with much-needed solace.

The waterfall also has a small shop by the side of it where you can eat snacks and enjoy the view. The waterfall has been a tourist attraction for as long as one can remember. The route is dangerous during the monsoons as the water flow increases during the season. The route to the waterfall consists of a lot of stairs so if you’re planning a visit, wear something comfortable. 

Address: near Bhagsunag temple, Mcleodganj

3. Norbulingka Institute:

This institute is a brilliant example of where beauty meets culture. The institute was founded by Kelsang and Kim Yeshi in 1995 at Sidhpur, Dharamshala with its sole purpose to preserve and promote Tibetan culture and its art.

The institute is well maintained and is very beautiful from the inside. It has a powerful and calming aura to it and you can easily meditate here. It also has a doll museum and a temple inside. Tibetan art and its supplies are also sold here. The temple is an ideal place to meditate and reconnect with your inner self.

You can even enjoy delicious food in the cafe inside. It’s an ideal place to visit with your family and friends or even alone to enjoy some quiet time and get to know the culture.  

Address: Palampur-Dharamshala road, Sidhpur 

4. Aghanjar Mahadev Temple: 

Dedicated to the almighty lord shiv, this temple is known for its history. It is said the Shiva Linga was installed by the Pandavas during their exile. The temple hosts elaborate celebrations on the Mahashivratri. A small stream also flows through the temple where you can enjoy the cool water with your family.

The temple also has a small park at the main entrance where the kids can play. The temple is said to be at least 500 years old. The main attraction of the temple is the Shiva linga that is placed under a huge rock. The opening to the temple is narrow but any person can easily slide in and pay their respects to Lord Shiva.

It’s a place where one gets to witness the beautiful union of mother nature and god. If you want to be near god and enjoy some time dedicating yourself to the almighty, this is the best place for you. 

Address: Khanyara-Dari road, Dharamshala

5. Gyuto Monastery:

With the Dhauladhar range adorning it like a crown from the back, the Gyuto monastery is a sight to behold. It is located at Sidhbari on the main road to Palampur.

The monastery is the abode of Karmapa who is the head of Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism. The main area of the monastery has a magnificent Buddha idol. The monastery specializes in the study of tantric meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and tantric ritual arts. Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje provides shelter to almost 200 monks who practice the major Tantric texts.

You can join the prayers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The monastery provides much-needed peace in this busy world. You can meditate here and also enjoy Tibetan food in the restaurant on the campus. 

Address: Palampur road, sidhbari

6. HPCA Stadium:

The beauty of the Dharamshala stadium is well known. With the almighty Dhauladhar range in view, it is probably one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. The stadium also has a synthetic track and badminton court next to it where adults and students come to play and train. The stadium is open for tourists on all days and you can see the ground and enjoy yummy street food from the food trucks and stalls outside. 

Address: the stadium-college road

7. Triund Trek:

If you’re the adventurous type, then this is the best thing for you to do in Dharamshala. One of the most famous treks of the town is the Triund trek. The trek is 9 Km long and is easy to climb on your own.

The weather is fine all year long except for December and January when you experience snowfall in the area and it can be dangerous to go at that time of the year. The best time to visit is from March to June because the weather is warm and cozy which makes the climb comfortable.

The trek provides a picturesque view of the valley below and the snow-clad mountains just behind. The trek has rough patches and steep roads but is safe and there is no chance of getting lost. If you enjoy nature and trekking, this is the best opportunity for you. 

Address: The Triund trek trail, Dharamkot, Mcleodganj

8. The Dal Lake:

Nature has blessed the town abundantly. One such beauty of nature is the dal lake in Naddi. The lake gets its name from the famous lake in Kashmir.

The lake is a naturally occurring water body surrounded by deodar trees. It is believed to be sacred to the people of a nearby village because of the shiva temple on its water bank. The lake is known for its lush flora and beautiful views. During the peak winters, it is entirely covered with snow. 

Address: Tota rani village, Naddi, Mcleodganj

9. Tea Gardens of Chilgari:

Looking for a peaceful yet beautiful drive? The tea gardens are the place for you! With lush tea gardens on either side of the road, you can enjoy your evenings here with your friends or family or partner or even alone.

The tea gardens are green all year round and you can even visit the tea factory to see the process of tea making and buy some fresh organic tea as well.

The sunset looks beautiful from this place and it is definitely something you should not miss out on. These roads are often quiet and give you a chance to connect with yourself and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Address: Tea gardens, Chilgari, Dharamshala

10. The Dharamshala Ropeway:

If you enjoy aerial activities then you should try out this new edition of the town, The Dharamshala Ropeway. It is a ropeway from Dharamshala to Mcleodganj.

The ropeway gives a generous view of the entire town and it turns even more beautiful in the evening due to all the lights below. It can accommodate 8 people in one cabin and has two stations. One at the start of the upper Kotwali side and the other in front of the Dalai Lama temple.

The ticket per person is Rs.300 for one way while the round way will cost you 500 bucks. The skyway has become a major attraction for tourists as you can witness the beauty of the town from above which makes it even more beautiful

Address: 45, Kotwali Bazar road, Sudher, Dharamshala

11. The War Memorial:

The Indian army is known worldwide for its bravery and sacrifices for its country. Dedicated to the martyred soldiers who fought to save their motherland, this war memorial is surrounded by pine trees which give it a calm vibe and beautify it all together.

The names of the martyred have been engraved on the three 24ft long panels made of black stone. The memorial opens up for the public from 8 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evening. The entry ticket is 10 bucks and for the parking, it is 20 bucks.

There is also a park for the children to enjoy rides in. The food stalls outside make delicious street food and you can even visit the small cafes nearby the memorial. 

Address: War Memorial, civil lines, Dharamshala 

Dharamshala is abundant in beauty and culture. The unique blend of Tibetan and Kangri culture makes it a tourist attraction. We hope you enjoy your stay in the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh!