Here’s What You Need To Know About The Dharamshala Ropeway

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Wanna Get Close And Personal With Nature? Dharamshala’s Ropeway Is Your Answer

Gourav J

Every once in a while, all of us want to fly high and see the world from above. Ahh!!! That’s so obvious. When you watch a cable car ride don’t you feel like hopping on one? Believe it or not, the ropeway is an amazing human invention! The ride not only minimizes the travel distance but gives you a spectacular bird eye view of the natural fairy scenery of the forests. There are a plethora of hill stations that accommodate ropeways in India. What’s more, the ride adds extra flavor to a holiday. Doesn’t it? 

No more waiting for taxis, no more haggling for fares, no more fights over car crashes to worry about, all that trouble is gone. Well, well, well, Say hello to Dharamshala’s new ropeway connecting to its suburb Mcleodganj.

Known as the Dharamshala Skyway, the ropeway can transport 100 people an hour in one direction. In addition to fostering tourism in Himachal, it will also alleviate traffic woes between Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. 

The stunning views of Dhauladhars hidden in the clouds amidst the ride are a sight for sore eyes. And if luck stays by your side you might catch the clear view of snow-capped Dhauladhars in winters and that is too good to be true. And not to mention, the breathtaking view of the town is cherry on top. 

Over 200 crores were spent on the construction of this ropeway.

The ropeway will lead you to the Dalai Lama Temple in McLeod Ganj. With 18 gondolas and a capacity of ferrying 1,000 people per hour, the skyway has a mono-cable detachable gondola system (cabin).

One-way fares are fixed at Rs 350 per person and round-trip fares at Rs 500. However, the journey offers thrill, pleasure, and beauty that are worth it. Two stations and ten towers line the route. In addition, it will provide an eco-friendly alternative to fuel-emitting modes of transportation. 

Inauguration by CM.

The ropeway station was inaugurated by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur. Besides, Social justice and empowerment minister Sarveen Chaudhary, industry minister Bikram Thakur, Rajya Sabha Member Indu Goswami, Dharamshala MLA Vishal Nehria were also present at the inauguration. 

When travel is busy in peak season, it can take several hours to travel from Dharamshala to McLeodganj, but the skyway reduces that travel time to nine minutes. 

According to CM Thakur, The construction of the ropeway was developed through a public-private partnership, the project was undertaken by Dharamshala Ropeway Limited and Himachal Pradesh’s tourism and civil aviation department.

But wait! If you’re scared of heights then be warned. Well, to be honest, the ride can be kinda freakin’ scary. It’s always best to just look at the view it offers. Fear will vanish in no time.

So tourists! Don’t miss out on this amazing Gondola ride to Mcleodganj if your next destination for vacation is Dharamshala. Enough traveling in planes, it’s time to get on a ride that is way more exciting and memorable.

Ropeways are the only way to get a wonderful aerial view of the peaks and mountains in a hill station. Hope you enjoy the ride. Hurray!!! 

Happy riding!