8 Breathtaking Nearest Hill Stations To Dharamshala

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8 Breathtaking Nearest Hill Stations To Dharamshala

Gourav J

Yes, Dharamshala is a sight to behold! Nevertheless, it’s time to move on to the nearby hill stations. Are you from Delhi? Then you must be visiting Dharamshala every weekend. Don’t you? Dharamshala is filled with beautiful valleys, waterfalls, lakes, Tibetan heritage, and temples. You know it would be a smart idea to extend your stay if you are here to experience the never-ending charm. At least, you can visit some of the nearest hill stations to Dharamshala, if not all.

There is no better time to plan than now. Be sure to plan your trip likewise, so that you cover some of the best attractions and some of the most picturesque places in Dharamshala. There are a lot of tourist spots nearby that you can visit in a day. However, there are some places near Dharamshala that are so picturesque that you can spend the entire weekend there. Let’s explore them!

Nearest Hill station to Dharamshala

There is something unique about each of the hill stations listed below that is bonded with the wilderness. Whether you are looking for a thrilling adventure trek, a relaxing and luxurious stay for families, or a romantic setting for honeymooners, Dharamshala has it all. Find your ideal holiday destination by browsing the blog till the end 

  • Palampur
  • Bir Billing
  • Khajjiar
  • Mcleodganj
  • Prashar Lake
  • Chamba
  • Triund
  • Dalhousie

1. Palampur:

The hill station of Palampur is probably the least known of all the hill stations near Dharamshala. A visit to this place is a must. The hill station is nestled between the mountain peaks of the stunning Dhauladhar ranges. All year long, Palampur enjoys a pleasant climate.

While it is very cold during winter, it is also very romantic. Those who crave adventure will not be disappointed by the trekking and hand-gliding activities it has to offer. There is no doubt that tourists embarking on a trip to this enchanting refuge of natural grandeur would be captivated by the incredible panorama of rustic beauty and comfort it has. One should surely visit Palampur while in Dharamshala, hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Things To Do in Palampur  

Explore the scenic tea gardens, Try your hand at pottery at Andretta,  Pay your respects at the temples, Enjoy a picnic at Neugal Khad, and Visit monasteries.

Best Time To Visit 

March to June and mid-September to November

How To Reach?  

You can take a cab, bus, or any other local transport from Dharamshala.

Places to visit   

2. Bir Billing:

The twin town of Bir Billing is one of the most popular adventure tourism destinations in Himachal Pradesh. There is a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside from the lush green fields. The town has a few pretty cafes that serve delicious food.

There are also short hikes, monasteries to visit, a narrow gauge railway to ride, or just a day at the tea gardens to spend here. Also, Bir is an important center for meditation and spiritual studies. Billing is the take-off site for Paragliding which is 15 km from Bir. Why walk when you can fly?

Things To Do:

  • In Bir Billing, camping amidst the Himalayan scenery is one of the best things to do.
  • Trekking in the mountains is a dream come true for all those adventure freaks in Bir.
  • Explore the cafes and have delicious meals.

Best Time To Visit: April to June

How to Reach?  

Reaching Bir Billing is easy. You will get many cabs and buses available in Dharamshala which will help you reach here.

Places To Visit: Deer Park Institute, Parplung Sherabling Monastery, Chokling Monastery

3. Khajjiar:

There is nothing like experiencing the mesmeric landscapes and aura of this place firsthand. With its charming backdrops and breathtaking views, Khajjiar is one of the most captivating places in India. For all photography enthusiasts, Khajjiar’s dense jungles, mountains, and waterfalls provide the most beautiful scenery. It can be enchanting to see lush green meadows and pastures with horses grazing on them.

Things To Do In Khajjiar:

  • A trip to Khajjiar is not complete without horseback riding
  • Another thing that one can do when in Khajjiar is go zorbing and trekking.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

How to Reach? 

Cabs, Local transports, and buses are available.

Places To Visit:
Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjiar Lake, and Dainkund trek

4. Mcleodganj:   

The best of everything awaits you in Mcleodganj. A slight touch of British influence enhances the stunning hill station’s Tibetan culture. There is something marvelous about Mcleodganj and it takes you back in time. Stunning peaks surround Mcleodganj, creating a serene atmosphere. You can experience the true divinity of this place by visiting some of the best monasteries in India.

Things To Do In Mcleodganj:

  • Enjoy the tranquility of the monasteries on a spiritual tour.
  • A visit to Mcleodganj would not be complete without camping and trekking.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

How to Reach? 

There are a lot of jeeps available at the bus stand, you can hop on any of them.

Places To Visit: Dalai Lama Temple, Bhagsu waterfall and temple, Tibetan museum, Naddi, Dharamkot.

5. Prashar Lake:

One of the must-see hill stations near Dharamshala is Prashar Lake, located in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers who want to see nature in its unexplored and uncommercialized state are attracted to this lake, which is accessible after a trek. 

The three-storied temple stands tall on the banks. Dedicated to the Rishi, Prashar, this pagoda dates back to the thirteenth century. There is mythological significance to the lake dating back to the era of the Pandavas.

The serene tranquility of the lake’s surroundings is echoed by the mystery of a floating island on the lake. And that’s exactly one of the most fascinating aspects of the lake. Around 21% of the lake is an island, while 79% is water, intriguingly, it’s the water that makes up the island. This is the same proportion that land and water share on Earth.

Things To Do in Prashar Lake:

  • Let the pagoda’s calmness soothe you.
  • The landscape is surrounded by natural wonders. Capture their beauty.
  • Taking a walk around the Lake will allow you to completely relax and let go of your worries.

Best Time To Visit: All year long (except during the monsoon season)

How to reach?

The first step is to reach Mandi, which is 125 km from Dharamshala. When you reach Mandi, you will take the narrow 50-kilometer road to the top of the hill where the lake is located.

6. Chamba:

It is a little mountain town nestled at the confluence of two of Himachal Pradesh’s most majestic mountain ranges, the Dhauladhar and the Zanskar. Besides being filled with wonders of nature, such as lakes, meadows, and streams, this town also provides the opportunity to view wildlife and learn about its cultural heritage. Awe-inspiring temples adorn the town’s floors and are embellished with exquisite craftsmanship.

Things To Do In Chamba:

  • View the various man-made structures and marvel at their architectural beauty.
  • Several temples are scattered throughout this town where you can seek blessings.
  • Try the local delicacy Madra ( Rajma made with curd)

Best Time To Visit: April to November

How to Reach?

Do you know you can trek to Chamba from Dharamshala over Indrahar pass? This trek needs stamina which you don’t have so you better hire a taxi or take public transport. Just kidding. If you think you’re ready, you obviously can, it would be fun!

Places to visit: Chamundi Devi Temple, Chamera Lake, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Manimahesh Lake

7. Triund:

Located in close proximity to Dharamshala, Triund also offers an enjoyable experience to nature and adventure lovers. In the midst of lush greenery and the huge and mysterious Dhauladhar mountains from the Himalayan Range, this is a delightful summer getaway.

It’s a place like no other on Earth with phenomenal waterfalls, mountains, and other natural delights.  Trekking enthusiasts can be seen conquering the Triund Hill and heading to the viewpoint. These views are quite spectacular. There is no better place for a trekker to start their journey than here.

Things To Do:

  • Experience the thrill of adventure on a trek.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the stunning sunset.

Best Time To Visit: March to May and September to December are the best times to visit since the place is closed for trekking in January and February.

How to Reach?

From Mcleod Ganj, you can take a taxi to Galu or you can start hiking from there.

Places To Visit: Bhagsu Waterfall, Naddi View Point, Tibetan Museum, BhagsuNag Temple

8. Dalhousie:

Dalhousie is the perfect place for a laid-back getaway if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. Dalhousie is among the most scenic hill stations near Dharamshala, providing a sense of natural harmony that no other place can.

With its blend of firs and pines, rolling grasslands, and spellbinding meadows, this is a calming place. Furthermore, Dalhousie has its share of thrill-inducing and adventure-exuding sports that enthusiasts love to explore in addition to all the natural beauty. As the ‘Switzerland of India,’ Dalhousie caters to all tastes.

Things To Do:

  • Embark on a variety of adventures including paragliding, zorbing, trekking, and more.
  • Experience the therapeutic waters of Satdhara Waterfalls.

Best Time To Visit: March to May

How to Reach?

Hire a cab to Dalhousie. And if you don’t wanna burn a hole in your pocket, take public transport, there are regular buses to Dalhousie.

Places To Visit: Khajjiar, Dainkund Peak, Kalatop Wildlife Reserve, St. Panchpula, Ganji Pahari

What’s the point of just spending a weekend in Dharamshala? Dharamshala indeed is a beautiful place to explore for a whole week. You can explore many incredible places with your family and friends.

And coming back from any of these hill stations will turn you into a storyteller for sure. They’re so amazing. So, do you want to explore these hill stations? Plan a trip to Dharamshala and explore the places around it. The trip will be one of a lifetime, and we can make sure you have a great time!

So this time don’t miss out on the entire Dharamshala trip because it is enticing and filled with excitement and enjoyment!