6 Best Preschools In Dharamshala For Your Little Munchkins

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6 Best Preschools In Dharamshala To Send Your Little Munchkins To!

Gourav J
Dharamshala Education

Has your child explored every inch of your house? Is he/she getting more curious each day about their environment? Is he/she looking forward to learning the poems, colors, and numbers? It is very important to familiarize your child with the drills of school life before they begin school. Sending them to preschools develops their creativity, and social and emotional skills, as it is the first step towards a life of enlightenment. So, if you want the same for your children, Check out this list of the top play schools in Dharamshala that will help your tiny tot learn good habits and boost positive self-esteem! 

A lot of parents believe that their kids begin at pre-school instead of nursery or kindergarten. There is no longer a rarity to see parents’ eagerness to enroll their kids in preschools or pre-schools. But do playschools actually aid in the growth and development of children? Yes and definitely yes. 

Children in pre-schools are taught about the importance of hygiene and the importance of being clean. They are also taught about the importance of learning and the importance of keeping track of their knowledge. This type of learning is provided through a wide variety of activities. Children are encouraged to learn through play and games and are encouraged to do active things at home. 

Well, before we begin let us throw some light on ‘why Preschools’?

  1. Early childhood education offers children the chance to learn in a way that interests them, helping them develop a positive association with learning. A quality preschool will help children develop a desire to learn throughout their school careers.
  2. The preschool setting allows children to spend a great deal of time with other children and adults outside of their families. One will have ample opportunities to develop friendships, cooperate, listen, and build foundational conversation skills.  
  3. Children can practice interpersonal problem-solving skills and become aware of how their behavior affects others. They will carry emotional skills with them throughout their lives.
  4. A variety of games and activities are offered to children at preschool to help them develop their pre-literacy skills. Playing with magnetic alphabet letters, singing alphabet songs, learning rhymes that help them distinguish between sounds, and listening to stories read aloud helps children develop their aural skills.

Top 6 Playschools in Dharamshala

  • Euro Kids
  • Maxbuddy Rising School Dharamshala
  • Hollyhock International Play School
  • Shemrock Mom touch
  • Discovery Montessori USA School
  • Bachpan A Playschool

1) Euro Kids:

Euro kids is one of the best Preschools in Dharamshala. A child’s imagination will be nurtured and skills will be sharpened through the EUNOIA curriculum.

There is a wide variety of activities to choose from, Musical experiences, storytelling, DIY kits, and a healthy mix of indoor & outdoor ensuring your child gets the best pre-school experience possible. What sets this preschool apart from others is that it also caters to children with special needs. 

Why choose it? Since 1997, EuroKids has been redefining child care education with a focus on providing a fun-based learning environment.

As part of their pedagogy, they place the “Child-First” principle at the center of their efforts to facilitate your child’s development, safety, and engagement in a home-like environment. Your child will feel at home at EuroKids with their 360-degree engagement! 

Where: Norbulingka, Sidhpur, Dharamshala – 176057, Kangra 

2) Maxbuddy Rising Playschool Dharamshala:

A world full of creativity, imagination, and a hunger for knowledge and learning! The school believes that providing kids with free time as well as structured play, in an engaging environment where they are exposed to a wide variety of learning activities, is the most effective way to develop their minds across various areas. Max Buddy makes sure each child’s development is based on its own phase and not on the group.

Where: Maxbuddy Abacus Pvt.Ltd, 44, Civil Lines, Distt, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176215

3) Holly Hock International Play School:

It is the perfect school for your child to have global exposure from the beginning since they create a comfortable, stimulating, enriching, and intellectually challenging learning environment for students. A school that encourages international exchange programs, as well as sporting and cultural engagements with other schools overseas, so that your kid can experience a variety of opportunities to expand their horizons from the very beginning.

Holly Hock is an educational setup in which knowledge is imparted and children are encouraged to do significant things with what they have learned. And since the teachers here understand the concept of learning differences, they make learning a fun experience. Sounds interesting. Doesn’t it?

Where: Upper Sakoh, Mata Kunal Pathri Road, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176215

4) Shemrock Mom touch:

Shemrock is India’s first chain of playschools that in 1989 revolutionized early childhood education by introducing a child-friendly and vibrant learning system. In today’s world, SHEMROCK, the award-winning school chain, has more than 3,50,000 children who have gained a foundation for success from its 525+ locations. 

At SHEMROCK, curriculums are designed & developed to meet the different needs, interests, abilities, and learning styles of each child. Every aspect of the school’s program is designed to enhance the development of each child’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical, motor, and cognitive capabilities.

Furthermore, through their Special Learning Areas children are able to learn with hands-on experience and in a practical way, to complement the learning in the classroom. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today!

Where: Jhikli Barol, P.O. Dari

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5) Discovery Montessori USA School:

At this school, each child is encouraged to cultivate his or her strengths and interests. All the way through our Nursery program and Elementary classes, their faculty and staff deliver developmentally appropriate education to children, and useful, inspiring information to parents.

They put children’s needs first, serving their higher purpose by educating for peace. The Montessori philosophy fosters communities in which children are valued and respected for who they are.  

You can trust this place with your naughty goofballs if he or she is mischievous and likes to roam as they have secure areas where children are constantly supervised. Don’t wait to apply! 

Where: Him View, Barol, Dari Road, Dharamsala, Dharamshala – 176215, Opposite Shemrock School. 

6) Bachpan Playschool:

Utilizing technology, Bachpan Play School aims to infuse a research-driven curriculum into the children’s daily learning schedules. By incorporating value-based learning into our core preschool education, they nurture the roots of the toddlers at a young age.

The pre-school is marked by a child-friendly environment and specialized teachers for a more productive and successful kindergarten day. There are several layers of programs, from playgroups through the nursery to lower and upper kindergarten. Bachpan provides a complete package of Montessori programs for little tots between 2 and 5 years of age. 

All levels of education are outlined in a curriculum and each child receives an admission kit when they enroll. Being one of the top preschools in India and catering to different segments of society, they make preschool education affordable and available to every child who looks forward to having a better future! So, do check them out! 

Where: Nr. Himachal Kesari Printing Press Upper, Shyam Nagar, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176215

Even though children learn to speak while at home, in a preschool they are continuously exposed to children of the same age group and teachers, which enables them to increase their communication skills.

Transforming mental images into languages makes it possible to transform thoughts and knowledge into information. Through role-play, story readings, and listening sessions, a child is exposed to a variety of rich language, which promotes their vocabulary. 

We hope you found this post to be quite informative if you are in the market for a preschool. May your little munchkin have happy and successful learning!😁