Indrunag Paragliding In Dharamshala- A Must-Have Experience

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Indrunag Paragliding In Dharamshala- A Must Have Experience

Gourav J

Himachal Pradesh is a piece of heaven on earth, with cascading water streams, mighty mountains, lush green forests, and clear blue skies everywhere. Out of all the cities of the hilly state, Dharamshala is the most versatile and the most splendid one- from a small tinge of Tibetian culture around to the world-renowned international Dharamshala cricket stadium, from a water stream after every few steps to being the hub of various adventure activities, the city has it all. The adventure capital of the state Dharamshala is the house to a bag full of activities that give you an adrenaline rush like trekking and hiking in Triund, Indrunag paragliding in Dharamshala, ziplining, camping, mountain biking, and a lot more. 

Of all the activities Paragliding is the most memorable one. Imagine having a bird-eye view of the hilly city with open arms and naked eyes. The easiest way to experience the city while maintaining a distance (because you know covid is still not gone :-P).

Paragliding has come to the limelight recently with several new places across the region starting with this adventure sport. From being an offbeat adventure sport to being a mainstream experience, paragliding in Dharamshala is a must-have. Indrunag Paragliding being the best site for the same lets you enjoy the cold breeze, pine jungles, colorful hilly houses, and the beautiful tea garden in just a short span of a few minutes.

Paragliding in Dharamshala

If you want to tick some adventure from your bucket list, paragliding is your activity. It’s very easy to do, requires little or no training, and most of all it is not very heavy on your pocket. If you look at the experience of looking down the world from an airplane’s window, you will surely enjoy paragliding.

Indrunag Paragliding Dharamshala

In contrast to the wonderful vistas you may enjoy while gently gliding over a landscape, this activity provides an adrenaline rush too. It is not for the faint of heart.  When you’re soaring high in the skies while swooping over the mountains, any fear is replaced by amazement. Paragliding is, without a doubt, the most thrilling of all aerial activities.

The small city of Dharamshala has two major Paragliding sites around it- Bir & Billing and Indrunag. Where Bir-Billing is around 70 km away from Dharamshala, Indrunag is just a 10-minute drive from the main Dharamshala market. 

Over the years traveling to the hills, especially small villages like Indrunag has become very easy and accessible making them a go-to place for travelers of all age groups. The Indrunag paragliding site in Dharamshala is one of those most visited places around the cozy little Himalayan town. With paragliding taking the front-line seat Indrunag has developed itself from being an old rural town with muddy roads to an upcoming adventure sports zone. 

Why Indrunag? 

The small town of Indrunag has within no time become just a random village near Dharamshala to a place that is filled with tourists and localities inflow. The hotspot is now well connected via road with the main city of Dharamshala, Palampur, Kangra, and more.

Indrunag paragliding Dharamshala site has all the major amenities to help the tourists face no difficulty. With the perfect landscape for adventure sport, Indrunag is perched above the cliffs of Dharamshala city, the paragliding site is a treat to the eyes and offers a soothing calmness to the soul. 

The take-off site for paragliding in Dharamshala is Indrunag. It is located at an elevation of 1700 meters above sea level. The  Dharamshala Main Market is around 4 kilometers away. The landing spot is 6 kilometers down the road from the takeoff point. The length of the flight is determined by the current weather conditions, however, most paragliding trips take between 5 and 15 minutes to reach the landing location.

The takeoffs at Indrunag are noted for being simple and safe. The area boasts wonderfully smooth and pleasant breezes, which are necessary after you lose contact with the ground and begin to soar. The exhilarating adventure location can be completed by a single skilled pilot or two people, one of whom must be a certified pilot.

The youngsters from the region have put in years of practice and tireless efforts to train themselves as competent paragliding pilots. This not-so-complicated adventure sport is done abiding by all the procedures, rules, and laws. 

The Indru Nag paragliding site was established in 2011 to help the area’s adventure tourism. Despite not being the first in the state, Indru Nag has developed as a desirable location over time. The best time to go paragliding in Indru Nag is between October and December when the sky is brighter and the weather is pleasant, ensuring the best possible experience. 

With a colorful paraglider, breezy wind, and a warm pair of thermals, this sport can make you feel pleasingly solitary(even if you are completely inexperienced and flying in tandem with a guide).

Things to Remember About Indrunag Paragliding Site

  • The activity completely depends on the wind. If the weather is rough, you can curse your luck.
  • You can shoot the complete flight with the GoPro camera, which can be easily rented at a nominal price.
  • The ideal weight for anyone to do paragliding in Indrunag is between 35kg to 80 kg.
  • Kids below the age of 12 years are not allowed.
  • It is advisable to eat and drink ½ hour before the take-off.

Also, keep a note- Between the 15th of July and the 15th of September, paragliding in Dharamshala is closed due to the monsoon season. These aren’t the dates you want!

Craving for an adventurous holiday? Pack your stuff(don’t forget to carry some woolens) and take a bus, or plane or just drive yourself to the beautiful city of Dharamshala. Enjoy Indrunag paragliding, tea gardens, beautiful sceneries, Tibetan monasteries, yummilicious food, and a lot more in this small hilly city.

Certainly, here’s an additional list of paragliding service providers in Dharamshala to enhance the information in the article:

Dharamshala Paragliding Adventures: This local operator offers paragliding experiences in Dharamshala and can provide packages for tourists.

Himalayan Adventures: Known for their experienced pilots and safety measures, Himalayan Adventures offers paragliding experiences in and around Dharamshala.

Dharamshala Sky Riders: With a focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Dharamshala Sky Riders provides paragliding adventures in the region.

Fly Bir Billing: Although located in Bir Billing, they offer paragliding experiences and often arrange transportation for tourists from Dharamshala.

Dharamshala Extreme Adventures: This adventure company offers paragliding and various other adventure activities in Dharamshala and its surrounding areas.

Dharamshala Paragliding Club: A local club that provides paragliding services and can help tourists organize their paragliding experience in Dharamshala.

Remember to contact these service providers directly or visit their websites for the latest information on services, prices, and safety procedures. Choosing a reputable operator with skilled pilots is crucial to ensuring a safe and enjoyable paragliding adventure in Dharamshala. I hope this article was helpful enough to get all the information about Indrunag Paragliding. Still, have a query? Mail us or write to us in the comments below.