Places For Adventure Activities In Dharamshala

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Places For Adventure Activities In Dharamshala

Gourav J

So why do you travel? 

Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon bas rukna nahi chahta”

This dialogue from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is just the perfect answer. Don’t you think?

That’s what real adventure looks like!    

Everyone has an imaginary world that they constantly decorate in their minds. Dharamshala is ours. What’s yours? You probably know Dharamshala as a tourist spot with monasteries, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and a pleasant climate. 

Dharamshala, however, for us is an emotion, a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. 

There is something surreal about this place. Lofty mountains and the never ending valley view look like they’ve been painted by a skilled artist. The fresh air, the mist-covered peaks, the peace of the wilderness, you’ll get here whatever one could ask on a getaway. Plus the experience of unwinding and rejuvenating at cozy adventure activities in Dharamshala

How could one go from here without doing any adventures? And when there are many adventure attractions in Dharamshala, you definitely can’t go!

Adventure Attractions In Dharamshala    

1. IndruNaag

2. Triund 

3. Black Swan Camps Mana

4. Kareri  Camps

5. Thatharna Trek

6. Bhagsu Waterfall

1. IndruNag

A hilltop with a beautiful view! Let’s start with the nearest and dearest adventure attraction in Dharamshala, Indrunag. It is at a distance of only 5 km from Dharamshala Bus Station and 8 km from McLeod Ganj Bus Stand. 

What does the place have to offer?

There is a beautiful temple at Indru Nag built by local villagers which is dedicated to Snake King. According to the locals, the deity saves them from natural calamities, especially heavy rains. The magnificent location of the temple provides the bird eye view of Dharamshala, which in itself is a sight to behold. 

Next adventure that awaits you at Indru Nag is Paragliding. It has been making people fly since 2011. Located just below the temple gate is the take-off site. It is a 15-20 minutes ride. Ideal time for flying at Indru Nag is between October and December. 

                                                     “Fly high like a bird in the sky”

Another adventure are the Indrunag Camps. A smoky campfire with a bowl of maggi in hands, the smell of firewood, and the singing of birds. Camping has its perks! And these are some of our favorites! With some incredible camping sites at Indru Nag, you’ll be able to embrace the wilderness at its finest!  

Or you can do village walks. Just a 10 minute ride from Indrunag is village bangotu, where you  can meet locals and know about their lifestyle. Like if you’re a Youtube Vlogger it would be an added bonus!

So, don’t forget to add Indrunag to your travel bucket list of Dharamshala, or you definitely are going to regret it! 

2. Triund

For those who want an easy yet a beautiful trek to be done over a weekend, Triund is your go to place. The Triund trek is easy but steep. However, the steep climb is put to rights by bracing walks through the rhododendron and oak trees. Along the trail you’ll hear those sweet birds chirping in the forests making it a birdwatcher’s delight. 

Since it’s an easy trek, and accessible from Dharamshala or McLeodGanj, there are many people barging on this trek on weekends. You’ll be like “hum kis gali aa gyge hein”? And then what is the point of being in a place where you can’t even enjoy? So, the best time to experience this trek is the weekdays. 

What are the perks of being at Triund?

There is no doubt that the sunset is one of the most spectacular sights, you just need the right place to capture it. And Triund, indeed, is the right place. Stay overnight, camp at the ridge, to witness it. It illuminates a quivering path across the mountains as the sun glows in the bloody sky, it’s like some bollywood song is running in the back of your head and you’re the main lead!!! LOL

“Shaame Malang hai raatein surang hai baghi udaan pe hi na jane kyu ilahi mera jee aye aye”

Where to start?

Dharamkot is where you start the trek. It’s two km from Mcleodganj. Also, you can start the trek from Bhagsu and Gallu, two nearby villages. Dharamkot’s trail, however, is arguably the better one since it climbs through a thick pine forest.

3. Black Swan Camps Mana

Wanna see the gigantic Dhauladhar from up close? If yes, then without wasting your time head to Black Swan Camps Mana. Here no luxury cottages are waiting but we’re sure the luxury you want is definity here. It is an easy trek, you can reach it within 3-4 hours from Dhramshala, making it an excellent alternative to Triund. 

At the property, there is a cafe named Lennon’s cafe that is made of slate stones with windows open to the never-ending views and a few tents with sleeping bags. If you’re in a group and want to trek, this camp is highly recommended. 

Lakshit is a very decent host. He’ll make sure that you’re accompanied throughout the trek by a guide he provides. You’ll cross Mana village in between the trek, you can interact with the locals if you want. You will start feeling energetic the moment you reach the hilltop, no matter how tired you are!  

The night view from here is a sight for sore eyes, you can see the entire Kangra valley shining in the bright lights. Evenings are usually full of lights, music, bonfire and a lot of laughter. Do visit to experience mountain life even if it’s just for a weekend. 

PS: If you don’t want to go to the hyped places just come here, it’s magical!

4. Kareri Village 

You may have heard of the famous Kareri Lake, have you? Kareri Lake trek is one of the most famous treks in Himachal Pradesh. It starts from the Kareri village that is known for its peaceful ambience, natural surroundings and for its magnificent view of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges.

It’s true that people often ignore the Kareri village while they’re on their way to Kareri Lake. Don’t do that. One should spend at least a day here and we think that’s enough for you to fall in love with this petit village.

And you know what? Kareri has some amazing campsites, one such is Woodscation, a 45 minute trek from the village. From the campsite, the view of the lofty mountains is to die for! Adventure lovers are going to love this place. 

Additionally, you can take a bath or a swim at a little inlet which is a short trek away from the campsite. In the evening, take a swing, read a book, share stories with your fellow mates, have tea while watching the mesmerizing golden hour. The soothing colors of the sky will give an excellent backdrop to your pictures. Hope your friends click a better picture of you! haha

5. Thatharna 

Not many of you know about this trek but Thatharna trek is one of the most favorite adventure attractions in Dharamshala. With its breathtaking scenery and thrilling route, it is ranked as one of the best-unexplored treks in Dharamshala. 

Even though it is a 5km trek, you should not take it lightly. Here’s why. It has a moderate intensity in steepness however it gets a bit tiring while climbing straight. The trek will take around 3 to 5 hours to complete. The rest depends on your body and stamina. And apparently, the best vistas come after the hardest walks up. 

Initially, the trail runs through villages but soon comes the shady forest. Now you’ve to walk through the forest until you reach the hilltop. It’s like crossing a tunnel and eagerly waiting for an open space but the difference here is that tunnels don’t have beautiful backdrops like forests do. As you crawl through the forest the peepholes will constantly motivate you to reach the top sooner. While you’ll see the peeps in between but nothing brackets to the view from the top. Its bliss-inducing landscapes at the top that will entice you to drink from its fountain of joy and calmness. 

April to May and from October to November are the best months to plan your trek as the possibilities of rain or snow are less and the weather is quite pleasant.  

6. Bhagsunag Waterfall

Next for Adventure attractions in Dharamshala is Bhagsunag. It is a beautiful village situated at about 7000 feet above the sea level. It has a lot in store for you. Check Em out!

The prime being the majestic Bhagsunag temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is among the most popular temples of Kangra. There are two pools at the temple, both are sacred and believed to have healing powers. 

Next is the stunning Bhagsu waterfall, which is at a walkable distance from the temple. It’s a bit crowded so be prepared for that. Also, there’s a cafe named Shiva Cafe near the fall that’s famous for its hippie vibe and amazing food. Do visit! To all the adventure lovers, don’t miss this fall otherwise you’ll miss all the major fun. 

Before you come here be careful of these things:

You will have to walk a lot around the area to reach the temple and waterfalls, so wear comfortable shoes. It’s a waterfall so the rocky areas will be quite slippery. Be careful. And lastly, put on some warm clothes, you never know with the weather here.

It would be best if you’ll visit between October-November. At that time the days are sunny and the nights are cool.

So there you have it, folks, adventure attractions in Dharamshala come to an end. But the list of adventures does not. Apart from these adventures you can do mountain cycling or explore the city on a rented scooty. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on these thrilling adventures! Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Dharamshala guide will happily assist you.

See you on the hills thrill seekers!!!!

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