Pet-Friendly Hotels In McLeod Ganj: Tail-Wagging Retreats

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Tail-Wagging Retreats: Pet-Friendly Hotels In McLeod Ganj

Gourav J

When it comes to planning a vacation, pet owners often face the dilemma of leaving their furry companions behind. However, McLeod Ganj, nestled in the beautiful Himalayas, boasts a range of pet-friendly hotels, ensuring that your beloved pets can be a part of your magical getaway. In this blog, we will explore a selection of pet-friendly hotels in McLeod Ganj, where you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a memorable and stress-free stay.

1. Hotel Gallu Inn:

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Hotel Gallu Inn is a pet-friendly retreat that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. This cozy hotel provides pet-friendly rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for you and your furry friend. The hotel also has a spacious garden where your pet can stretch their legs and enjoy some outdoor playtime.

2. Serkong House:

Serkong House welcomes both you and your pets with open arms. Located in a tranquil area, this pet-friendly hotel provides comfortable accommodations along with a dedicated play area for your pets. The staff at Serkong House is known for their warmth and hospitality, ensuring that both you and your furry companion feel right at home.

3. Pink House:

Situated in the heart of McLeod Ganj, Pink House offers pet-friendly accommodation with a touch of elegance and charm. This boutique hotel allows pets in selected rooms and provides pet-friendly amenities such as food bowls and pet beds upon request. The central location of Pink House allows for easy access to nearby attractions and scenic spots, making it a perfect choice for both you and your pet.

4. The Sojourn:

The Sojourn is a pet-friendly retreat that understands the importance of including your pets in your travel plans. With spacious and comfortable rooms, this hotel ensures that both you and your pets have a pleasant and relaxing stay. The hotel also provides a dedicated pet-friendly play area and walking paths where your furry friend can enjoy their daily exercise.

5. Nishaad Resorts:

Nishaad Resorts is a pet-friendly oasis set amidst nature’s beauty. This charming resort welcomes pets and offers a range of pet-friendly services, including pet-sitting and grooming, so that you can explore McLeod Ganj without any worries. The resort also organizes activities such as guided hikes and pet-friendly tours, allowing you and your furry friend to create unforgettable memories together.

6. The Exotic House:

Pet-friendly and conveniently located in the heart of McLeod Ganj, The Exotic House is a cozy guesthouse that warmly welcomes pets. Featuring comfortable rooms and a tranquil garden, this pet-friendly accommodation offers a homely ambiance for you and your furry companion.

7. Bella Heights:

Bella Heights is a pet-friendly hotel known for its warm hospitality and scenic surroundings. With comfortable rooms offering beautiful views of the mountains, this hotel welcomes pets of all sizes and ensures a memorable stay for both you and your furry companions.

8. Moon Walk Residency:

Situated in a peaceful location, Moon Walk Residency is a pet-friendly hotel that offers comfortable accommodation and a friendly atmosphere. The hotel welcomes pets and provides amenities such as food bowls and pet beds upon request, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone.

9. Hotel Sky Pie:

Hotel Sky Pie is a pet-friendly hotel that offers a blend of comfort and convenience. With pet-friendly rooms and a serene ambiance, this hotel ensures a delightful stay for both you and your pets. The hotel staff is known for their attentive service and pet-friendly approach.

10. Norbulingka Guest House:

Norbulingka Guest House, located in a picturesque area, welcomes pets and offers a tranquil retreat amidst nature. With spacious rooms and a serene environment, this guesthouse provides an ideal setting for a relaxing getaway for you and your furry friends.

11. Udechee Huts:

Udechee Huts is a pet-friendly hotel known for its stunning views and cozy accommodation. With pet-friendly amenities and a dedicated area for your pets to play and unwind, this hotel ensures that your furry companions have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

12. Himalayan Brothers Adventure Camp:

For those seeking an adventurous stay, the Himalayan Brothers Adventure Camp is a pet-friendly option worth considering. This camp offers a range of outdoor activities for both you and your pets, including hiking and nature walks, providing an exciting and pet-friendly experience. These additional pet-friendly hotels in McLeod Ganj offer comfortable accommodation and cater to the needs of both pet owners and their furry friends. With their pet-friendly amenities and welcoming atmosphere, these hotels provide a stress-free and enjoyable stay for all.


In McLeod Ganj, you don’t have to choose between enjoying a vacation and leaving your beloved pets behind. The above-listed pet-friendly hotels strive to provide a seamless and unforgettable experience for both you and your furry friend. From comfortable rooms and pet-friendly amenities to dedicated play areas and outdoor spaces, these hotels are committed to ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable stay. So, next time you plan a trip to McLeod Ganj, don’t forget to pack your pet’s belongings and embrace a vacation where everyone in the family can truly relax and have fun.

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