Jimmys Italian Kitchen in McLeodGanj

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Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

Family-run cafe has been serving authentic Italian specialties
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Family-run cafe has been serving authentic Italian specialties

Popular Price
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~ 400

10:00 AM - 23:00
10:00 AM - 23:00
10:00 AM - 23:00
10:00 AM - 23:00
10:00 AM - 23:00
10:00 AM - 23:00

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, a family-run cafe has been serving authentic Italian specialties in a casual, family-friendly setting since 2001. It is impossible to run out of options at this café, as they offer everything from pasta to pizzas to cheesecakes. Their cakes, bread, pasta and pizza sauce are all homemade, as they say. Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen is the place to go for a quick, delicious, and satisfying meal. Hailed as one of the best Italian restaurants in the town, Jimmy’s is a great place to go for a comforting meal with friends or family. It’s no wonder that this place has so many people returning just to enjoy a little taste of Italy right in the middle of McLeod Ganj. They have the finest pizzas and pastas in town.

The cafe has three areas, a space with big windows overlooking the best views of the town and the almighty Dhauladhars one would say, a separate dining area for groups right next to it, and a rooftop dining. The walls are painted in white and decorated with framed pictures. Plus, the music they play just makes your dishes taste more flavorful. The best part is that Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen offers wholesome food without burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t forget to save some space in your stomach for the incredible desserts. Their chocolate mousse is to die for! Speaking of the costs: Well, it’s the thing to get worried about, but not here. Just have a look at their menu, it’s all at half the price you’d imagine. All in all, a wonderful experience.

People also crave for their pastas and the chicken in red wine sauce. It’s functional between 10 AM TO 10 PM. Experience Jimmy’s difference today!  

Average Cost is ₹500 for two people (approx.)

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