Hill Ventures: Adventure Camping In Dharamshala

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Hill Ventures

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Experience the Thrills of Adventure Camping in Dharamshala with Hill Ventures

We are one of the largest adventure Camping site in Himachal Pradesh India at Dharamshala. We have Swiss camping Cottages set up and are interested in collaborations with Travel agents to work with our packages on B2B rates.

We have Swiss Cottage camps family suites (08 Qty) situated within the property (attached washrooms and balcony) with basic amenities for guests. Bonfire and Music are conducted at the site in the evenings for guests. Overall there is ample space for visitors to roam around in the camp to spend quality time with nature with friends. The green surroundings and the white Mountains portray a perfect contrast to the location.

Adventure games like Ziplining (1000ft)Bungee Slingshot (60ft), Polaris ATV Quad Bikes, Bull Riding, Archery, Rock Climbing, and Rappelling are available on the campus for guests to buy activities.

Local Sightseeing in and Around Dharamshala, Dalhousie, and Bir Billing Visit is also organized by our team for our esteemed guests.

Nature walks, Bird watching, Treks, Hikes MTB rides, and Paragliding are also conducted near the campus. Overall one right sport for adventure and nature lovers. We also have Dome tents which can be pitched anywhere for guests. We have a restaurant where Food is readily available for guests. Bonfire and music events are hosted regularly for guests in the evenings.

With the Present setup, we can accommodate 32 persons on Quad occupancy in Swiss tents. We can accommodate another 50-60 Persons in Dome tents on Double occupancy. We have abundant public washrooms for Dom Tent Guests.

A festival we organized in 2020. Dining and accommodation were provided during the event for 250 pax. See link:  https://mywanderlust.in/package/310/unheard-music-arts-festival/

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